Autumn Scented Recipe: Cheesecake with Pears and Ginger

Today I come up with an autumn scented pear and ginger cheesecake recipe. The cheesecake does not require much experience so anyone can do it successfully.

Autumn has already settled comfortably in our lives, proud to offer us its riches, seasonal fruits, and vegetables.Pumpkin, apples, pears, quinces, walnuts, plums, grapes, and sweet potatoes I like the most from the colorful palette of autumn flavors.

Pears are not as used as they should be. That’s why todat I come up with an autumn scented pear and ginger cheesecake recipe. The cheesecake does not require much experience so anyone can do it successfully.

Pears give a complex taste to a simple cheesecake. For perfect texture, keep the cake cold for 24 hours.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 1 hour

Cooling Time: 1 hour

Fridge Time: 3 hours

Total Time: 6 hours: 10 minutes

Servings: 12


• 3 eggs

• 450 grams of sweet cheese or ricotta

• 450 grams of mascarpone or cream cheese

• 50 gr of flour

• 50 grams of brown sugar

• 100 g of oatmeal

• 50 g of ginger

• 6 pears (which you will chop finely)

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1) After preparing all the necessary ingredients, make sure you turn the oven to 170 degrees

2) Cook the pears, ginger, and water in a pan. Bring to the boil, then lower the heat and keep them there, covered, to soften until they become friends. About 15 minutes to lower the water.

3) Prepare a round shaped tray (tart, with detachable bottom) with a diameter of 23cm. Grease it with a little coconut oil for a special flavor.

4) Mix the cereals in a robot to make them fine and pour them into the pan. Place them by hand and create an even layer. Make it so that you also wallpaper the walls of the tray.

5) Then go back to the cream. Put the mixture of pears and ginger in a blender.

6) Add the cheese and mascarpone and mix until you get a creamy cream.

7) Now it’s the turn of the eggs, one by one, then the flour and the vanilla extract. Stir until everything becomes creamy.

8) Pour the cream over the tart-shaped cereal layer.

9) Put the tray in the oven and leave it for 45-50 minutes. You should see that the layer of cheese has hardened.

10) Then, turn off the heat, but leave the tart in the oven for 1 hour with the oven door open. (so as not to collapse)

11) Leave it to cool for 1 hour, then put it in the fridge for 3 hours.

It’s insane, cold, with a few slices of pear next to it.

Good appetite!

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